Journal Club

The Neuroscience Journal Club coincides with the spring and fall semesters.

Wednesdays, 12 – 1 p.m., Neuroscience Conference Room, E4036.


Spring 2017 Schedule

Date   Presenter Lab Affiliation
January 18 Jessica Yasko Baumbauer Graduate Assistant
25 Cara Hardy 1st year, TDB Graduate Assistant
February 1 Noelle McKearney 1st year, TBD Graduate Assistant
8  Marwa Elamin University of Hartford Masters Student
15 David Martinelli Martinelli Faculty
22 Eric McKimm Antic Postdoc
March 1 Brittany Knight Baumbauer Graduate Assistant
8 Rajamani Selvam Levine Graduate Assistant
15 Spring Break
22 Judy Bloom Loew Graduate Assistant
29 Cory Willis Crocker Graduate Assistant
April 5 James Fink Levine Graduate Assistant
12 Alexandra Nicaise Crocker Graduate Assistant
19 Carissa Sirois Chamberlain Graduate Assistant
26 Yuan Shui OR Longgang Niu Wang Postdoc
May 3 Prem Shrestha Mains Postdoc
10 Feliks Trakhtenberg Trakhtenberg Faculty

Journal Club Organizers: Dr. Rosa Guzzo and Dr. Dick Mains