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University of Connecticut Health Center - Know Better Care Neuroscience Department

Symposium honoring Dr.Tino Triahotis
significant translational research  now  further advanced by a US patent
The Most Important New Year's Resolution You May Ever Make
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    Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system at the molecular, cellular, and system levels. Our goal is to understand the normal function of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system and to discover cures for the nervous system ravaged by disease

    The Neuroscience Graduate Program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to research leading to understand  ng the normal function and disorders of the nervous system. The interdepartmental program encompasses experimental approaches spanning molecular and systems neuroscience, including areas of cellular, molecular, and developmental neurobiology; neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology, and neuropathology.